JOB 1 – Driveway Pressure Cleaning:

Our customer in Newton Mearns had been using a Karsher machine from B&Q to clean her driveway but not only was it taking her all weekend it simply could not jet wash the driveway well enough.

After giving in she called is and within a few hours the monoblock was looking like new.

We use white Kiln dried sand preferably as its brighter and really highlights the bricks.

JOB 2 – Patio Pressure Cleaning: 

We had a customer in the Newton Mearns, Southside of Glasgow who had got in touch after we had jet washed her mothers patio. After she had seen the work and had a glowing review from her mother she called us and was happy to pay what ever it cost to get it done.

Her patio in Newton Mearns was filthy and before we could clean it we had to apply a chemical treatment to help us lift stains caused by mould and algae. We used a professional chemical that also has a residual cleaner to preserve the surface.

The outcome was great considering how it was to begin with, no before shots here but take my word for it.

This job started with the recommendation from a family member. Its amazing what taking pride in your work can do in terms of repeat business,. We often find that one job can turn into 3 or 4 just from family and friends and we really appreciate any positive feedback / reviews or referrals. So please do after we finish your job and are happy with it go on to our Facebook, Google or Yell page and leave us a review! 

Thanks, The MIG Pressure Cleaning Team.

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    We provide a range of services to our customers in Newton Mearns some include: 

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    • Stain Removal
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