MIG Pressure Cleaning are proud to say that we are founded and based from Cambuslang (G72). Our team of professional workmen are highly skilled in working with our equipment and trained in the use of the various types of chemicals we use. MIG are fully insured to work on your property give you complete peace of mind.

Here are just some of our services we provide if it is not listed below give us a call to discuss your requirements: 

Check out our past jobs that we have completed in Cambuslang below. Complete with before and after pictures, customer reviews and a brief outline of what was involved as no two jobs require the same solution!  Call now to see how we can bring your property back to life! 

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    Driveway Cleaning Cambuslang Job:

    This job was in Blantyre, South Lanarkshire. The customer worked offshore and never had the time to clean the driveway or patio. They were more than happy for us to pressure clean the area.

    As you can see from the pictures the driveway slopes towards the house so when pressure cleaning drives like this it is important to start from the house and work towards the street. This is because there is a lot of dirt and debris lifted which will block the drainage at your house  if not cleaned away. 

    For the patio pressure cleaning there was a film of algae causing the patio and paths to become slippery when wet. This is all taken away and the areas sprayed with a solution to help prevent the build up. 

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    Patio Cleaning Cambuslang Job

    This is Patio that we cleaned in Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire. When we arrived at this job they colour of the slabs had been coated with layer of dirt and algae and as you can see from the pictures below is was absolutely filthy.

    With these types of slabs what regularly happens is when the slabs are coated with this type of algae they become incredibly slippery which poses a massive danger to anyone walking on them. 

    So this job required a pre-treatment with chemicals to help remove the algae. Thankfully the sandstone coloured slabs come up great when pressure cleaned and our customer was extremely delighted. It makes a great before and after picture which really shows the difference of a right good clean. 

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