MIG Pressure Cleaning always get fantastic results with our high quality equipment and well trained team of cleaners. We are based in Glasgow and cover all of Bearsden and surrounding areas. We provide a range  services some of which include:

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    Bearsden Driveway Cleaning Job:

    This job showed perfectly how pressure cleaning monoblock can transform your outdoor space once nature and traffic have made them look tired.

    A customer from Bearsden in Glasgow had been in touch when her monoblock had been completely overgrown with grass, moss and weeds and she needed pro pressure washing to come to the rescue.

    The front driveway was dirty and required just standard driveway cleaning, however the back was definitely where our money was earned. This was a hard weekends work but the after pictures where more than worth it as was the customers smile. 🙂

    CALL NOW: 07795161893

    Bearsden Monoblock Cleaning

    The above job was a full weekends worth of work due to it being the driveway at the front of the property and the monoblocking at the back. We provide a range of services in and around Bearsden which include patio pressure cleaning, patio cleaning, roof cleaning, buildings, walls and all out door spaces. Our workmen are highly skilled and take great care when working on your property. Get in touch and send us a picture of your driveway, monoblocking or patio and we will send you a price straight away! 

    CALL NOW: 07795161893

    Path, Patio & Monoblock Cleaning Job:

    We had an SOS from one of our customers who had family coming to visit, it was a last minute thing and they asked us if we could get her paths and driveway pressure washed and sanded in one day.

    Usually I would always recommend that the surface is given at least 24 hours in which to dry out before we reapply the kiln dried sand which is washed out during the pressure cleaning process. However luck was on our side with the weather being terrific and the bricks dried out in the heat of the sun in a matter of hours. 

    After cleaning we moved on to another job and then returned in the evening to re-sand. The result was a happy customer, she wanted a quick turnaround and she got one.

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