MIG Pressure Cleaning have years of experience driveway cleaning, monoblock cleaning and patio cleaning in Barrhead. We have built up a list of clients who always come back to us as we always provide a great service and fantastic results. 

Below you will find a list of services we provide and at the bottom we have posted various past jobs we have completed in Barrhead along with before and after pictures and customer reviews. 

Here are just some of our services we provide: 

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    Past Driveway Cleaning Barrhead Job:

    This job in Barrhead had both the driveway and the patio pressure washed. We done an experiment here with using two cleaning machines on the property at the same time as the area was fairly big. Both machines we used created similar great results so we were really pleased. We use industrial high quality chemicals to remove stains and grime so that really does half the job. 

    Lovely sunny day when we came back to sand the monoblock driveway after they had been jet washed. We always come back a day later after we have cleaned the driveway this allows ample time for the area to dry off and then the sand application goes much more smoothly. If it rains we arrange for the next dry day to come and apply the sand and it is important that the driveway is not used until then so there is no movement on the monoblocking. 

    As you can see from the results below it really improves the look of the property and if you are considering selling your property this is a must as first impressions really do count. 

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    Marshall Paving Restoration & Cleaning

    Here we are in Barrhead where the customer has a beautiful sandstone driveway by Marshalls, this picture shows the job once we finished but I can assure you that it didn’t look like this when we arrived.

    This customer has us clean for her every year as when its pressure cleaned the colours look fantastic. The blues reds and blondes all give a wonderful finish to the driveway and we always take real pride in restoring it back to its vibrant best.

    We use speciality equipment and chemicals when cleaning  different types of paving, natural blocking, stones and paving much like the Marshall paving we cleaned in this job. 

    Get in touch for a quote and our experienced team will recommend a specific treatment for your property.